Travelling to Austria

The following rules apply after the lockdown:

  • When entering the country, 2G+ rule applies: proof of vaccination or proof of recovery + booster shot or PCR test is required.
  • 2G rule: you need proof of vaccination or recovery for all services such as hotels, restaurants, cable cars, cultural institutions and Christmas fairs.
  • Those who are vaccinated with vaccines not accepted by EU can show a positve antibody test result and proof of a dose of Pfizer or Moderna as a booster shot.
  • One shot of Johnson & Johnson will only be accepted until 3 January, 2022, after that you will need to show proof of a booster shot.
  • 2-dose-vaccinations are valid for 9 months, after that you will need to show proof of a booster shot.
  • Negative COVID-tests are no longer accepted as “entry tests” (including PCR), and antibody tests are not accepted as proof of recovery.
  • Children under the age of 12 do not need to test or show proof of vaccination. Children between the age 12 and 15 need to obtain a so-called Holiday Ninja Pass by regular testing. For children above the age of 15 2G rule applies.
  • Restaurants, cafés and inns have to close at 10 pm.
  • Wearing an FFP2 mask is mandatory in indoor areas e.g. on public transport, in retail, restaurants and in cultural institutions.

Before travelling it is recommended to scan your QR codes in Austria’s Green Check system to check whether you are allowed to use services in Austria. Click here for Green Check.

You can find more information here or at the official Austrian government site.

The information provided here is for guidance only. Please make sure to check the current rules before traveling because they can change rapidly.

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